Short of cash? We won’t let it stop you learning yoga

Yoga for mobility is for anyone who needs it. If you can’t pay for it that shouldn’t stop you learning. If you are short of cash we will work out something, one way or another.

Seniors, pensioners and people in financial hardship can apply for a 30% discount here

If you still can’t manage the cost contact us here and we will see how we can help

There are a lot of people who need help with mobility, stress, anxiety and loneliness. It hasn’t escaped my attention that people over 65 are not eligible for NDIS funding. There are many people who have restricted mobility without being classified as disabled and funded accordingly. It is also likely that anyone living on the pension lacks the money required to pay for classes, treatments and consultations of any kind.

If anyone wants to help make it possible for people who are short of cash to attend classes or have yoga therapy consultations by donating, providing a room or transport please contact me via the contact us page. I will be delighted to discuss whatever help can be offered.

I am determined that no one will miss out on help with their health or their mobility for the want of a few dollars.

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