Guide to asana practice

Do Asana practice with smooth breathing and mental focus

Never use force in Asana practice

Use your breath to your extend range

Emphasise the spine

Establish a firm balanced foundation before moving

Time movement and breathing with counting, mantra, metronome etc.

Equal breath in and out

Breathe into the heart centre and out starting at the lower abdomen

Bracket movement with breathing

Use your in breath for a back bend, and your out breath for a forward bend

Chin down, neck lengthened. Don’t lose your head!

Control movement so it is graceful and purposeful

Move no more than results in a comfortable, strong stretch

Rest as needed

Follow asymmetrical Asanas with a symmetrical Asana

Prepare for strong asanas with mild asanas

Follow strong Asanas with mild balance Asanas

Learn an appropriate balance Asana before learning any strong Asana

Pay attention to how your body feels after an Asana or Vinyasa (sequence)

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